Integrated Aesthetics at 1111 Lincoln

Herzog & deMeuron have created an incredible mixture of program including retail, residential and integrating parking for the residents and visitors of Miami. Developer Robert Wennett assembled a team of the top designers and artists to contribute to this new hybrid building. The emphasis on the structure is apparent and the irregular columns define the aesthetic of the building. It translates into the website really well, with images cropped within the silhouette of the interior and an angled justification in the type. The logo is the one element that juxtaposes all the irregularity with a horizontal 11 11, appearing as the floor slabs in perspective.

Check out the design team: landscape architects Raymond Jungles, website designers Neutral, photographer Iwan Ban, and Wolff Ollins. It’s hard to believe Herzog & deMeuron don’t have a website, but they don’t. Danda has a nice gallery of their work though. Also check out more renderings and construction photos at ArchDaily



Multidisciplinary design operative at the intersection of building, branding, and business. On this site is a curated feed of projects within the intersection of where these disciplines meet to showcase how each is strengthened with the other. MUDEO is a moniker for the work of Kenny Isidoro — see more at
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