Architectural Engineering by e-Types

e-Types is a Copenhagen-based strategic brand and design firm. They are the inevitable go-to agency in Denmark for their leadership in big ideas and their “smash the world” attitude. When Architectural Engineering, a sub-division of the Dutch international consultancy firm, Grontmij Carl Bro, approached e-Types for a new identity, they created a refined image that communicates their platform.

The description of the project mentions that the identity communicates the company’s cross-disciplinary approach. This seems like the parti for the major ribbon graphic, crossing the page from left to right. It’s flexibility allows for a different set of layouts to work based on the background of the material. The typography is strong and structural, connoting the strength of the company.

Check out more from e-Types and watch a video on their innovation business strategy, a case that is studied at the Harvard Business School.


Multidisciplinary design operative at the intersection of building, branding, and business. On this site is a curated feed of projects within the intersection of where these disciplines meet to showcase how each is strengthened with the other. MUDEO is a moniker for the work of Kenny Isidoro — see more at
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