Koeweiden Postma is building identities

The Amsterdam Music Theatre

NHL University of Applied Sciences

OKRA landscape architects

Koeweiden Postma is a design agency based in Amsterdam creating brand identity, packaging, corporate and communication design. Their work is simple and powerful and directly communicates ideas that are based on content and research.

The three identities featured here are all derived from architecture and landscape design.

The Amsterdam Music Theatre logo takes the facade of Holzbauer and Dam’s building and treats it as a grid to create a unique monogram for the theatre. It retains the flexibility to infill it with sub-identities for specific performances.

The NHL University of Applied Sciences project considers the sloped building design by Herman Hertzberger as a basis for the identity. Signage is applied orthogonally to the facade of the building and cropped at the angle of the structural trusses. When the identity is applied to graphic material, it takes the angles as seen in perspective to create a dynamic and structured logotype.

The OKRA identity for a landscape architecture firm is based on topographic lines typically found on a civil drawings that describe the contours of landforms. With a simple logo mark placed centrally on material, the contour lines weave in and out of the letterforms for an infinite number of variations.

Stimulate your senses and check out more beautiful work:

Koeweiden PostmaAmsterdam Music TheatreNew Buildings in the NetherlandsHerman HertzbergerOKRA.



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