1:1 Arkitekter by Scandinavian DesignLab

Earlier this year, Scandinavian DesignLab, an independent design agency based in Copenhagen, created a brand identity and website for 1:1 Arkitekter, a small architectural firm also located in Copenhagen. They are led by a creative director and a technical director with equally important roles in realizing a project and meeting client demands. Thus, their new name and identity reflects this idea, one to one, in an incredibly bold symbol. The extension of the logo is absolutely genius, from the use of a door as part the logo on the side of the building, to the photograph of the partners standing aside a colon taking the place of the number 1. The white space between the 1:1 also cleverly produces an A for Arkitekter.

Check out more work by SDL and see 1:1 Arkitecter’s projects.

(via Visuelle.co.uk)



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