Departures Architectures

Departures is an independent branding and graphic design studio based in Cardiff, UK. They work in partnership with their clients and their work for 1010 Architects and Matt Jones Architects shows their dedication and passion to design. Each displays a relentless commitment to the details that produce an overall cohesive brand. The 1010 Architects identity uses a custom stencil for a stacked 1010, while all other contact information is set in Swift Heavy, designed in 1989 by Gerard Unger for Linotype.  The Matt Jones Architects identity exposes the details of Carousel, a typeface from Linotype designed in 2004 by Gary Gillot, into a sculptural form always applied to the piece’s background. From stationery, to drawing sheets, signage, construction scrims, and websites, the logo and brand for these two architecture firms is very successfully applied across all collateral.

Check out more of their work at Departures.



Multidisciplinary design operative at the intersection of building, branding, and business. On this site is a curated feed of projects within the intersection of where these disciplines meet to showcase how each is strengthened with the other. MUDEO is a moniker for the work of Kenny Isidoro — see more at
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4 Responses to Departures Architectures

  1. Sam Mallett says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    Just wanted to point out the stacked 1010 is Cobra (1996) by Cornel Windlin, tweaked slightly by ourselves. More info about the font at Lineto —

    And while I’m here, the supporting type for Matt Jones Architects is Maison (2010) by Timo Gaessner. Please check out if you haven’t already.

  2. MUDEO says:

    Thanks for the additional info, Sam. Discovering the other fonts were Swift Heavy and Carousel took a bit of research – much thanks to What the Font

  3. Sam Mallett says:

    Ha ha, you should have just asked. But it is satisfying to work things like that out yourself. Good spot anyway, spot on!

  4. MUDEO says:

    Ha, yeah, will do. …for your next feature.

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