Visual Arts Center by Machado and Silvetti Associates

Machado and Silvetti Associates is a Boston-based architecture and urban design firm. Their craft in each project is meticulous and they are best known for truly meaningful architecture in the public realm for cultural institutions. One of their current projects, the Visual Arts Center at Dartmouth College, has recently celebrated the topping off – the moment when the last structural beam is put into place. The 106,000 sf, four-story building will house teaching and production studios, classrooms, exhibition space, screening room, auditorium theater, and faculty offices. The renderings above are from Dartmouth College’s Office of Planning, Design and Construction and were presented in March 2009. Construction of the facility is expected to be complete by April 2012.

See more of their work at Machado and Silvetti and check out a post by architectural artist Jeff Stikeman on how he produced the first two renderings.



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