Bella Sky by 3XN, SDL, and TEA

On May 16, 2011, the newest addition to Copenhagen’s skyline opened – Bella Sky Hotel designed by 3XN, a ground-breaking architectural firm of the highest caliber. The iconic landmark buildings were distinctly-designed to reflect the identity of the new neighborhood of Ørestad. Two towers rise at 76.5 meters and contain 814 rooms, each with a view of the surrounding area made possible through angling and tilting each wing away from the other.

Working in collaboration with 3XN were interior architect Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter and design agency Stockholm Design Lab. SDL designed the visual system for the entire hotel, including exterior signage, hotel signage, amenities, restaurant menus, merchandise, and other collateral. All material utilized a geometric, custom typeface with bent corners, mimicking the tilted ends of the towers. Because they share offices, SDL and TEA find a number of opportunities to team with each other to inspire high-quality and cross-disciplinary design.

Check out more work by 3xN, see more images of the hotel at SDL, and visit TEA‘s brand new website.


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