Berger & Föhr

Berger & Föhr is a small boutique design studio located in Boulder, CO. Despite having only established the practice in 2011, the two partners have over a decade of experience previously working together under two unique identities, Cypher13 and JoyEngine. Although they recently hit the spotlight with their new, gesture-based calculator app for the iPhone, Rechner, most of their work is in the field of art direction, brand identity, and web interaction.

In 2010, they were commissioned to create exhibition graphics for the Denver Art Museum which expanded in 2006 with an addition by Daniel Libeskind. The exhibitions include What is Modern?, a collection of furniture, industrial and graphic designs from the past 200 years; and Olivetti: Innovation and Identity, a repertoire of the Italian company’s groundbreaking product designs. The simple yet distinguished graphics communicate the modernist content of the exhibition with clear objectives. Both are on display until Fall 2012.

Another recent project was the website design for Boulder-based architectural firm, Tres Birds Workshop – a practice steeped is sustainable design and “doing more with less.” Utilizing reclaimed steel and brick from the Denver area, they created a family home (pictured above) that takes full advantage of natural energy to heat and cool the house through the use of solar thermal heating, photovoltaic panels, and insulated mass walls. The website design reflects the firm’s “doing more with less” mission, with a simple typographical hierarchy combined with high-res imagery. Navigation links are highlighted in a bright green color to further characterize the firm’s sustainable practice.

Check out more work by Berger & Föhr, read more about the Denver Art Museum, and visit Tres Birds Workshop to see the rest of the projects.


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