Manhattan Loft Gardens

Manhattan Loft Gardens is a new 42-story development in London. Designed by international architectural firm SOM, the project features three sky gardens within a range of residential loft-style living, a world-class hotel, and a generous triple-height ground floor lobby. In collaboration with Keep, Tom Hingston Studio designed the development’s identity, inspired directly from the architectural form.

The mark expresses each of the 42 floors in the style of an axonometric drawing. Gaps are left to in the floors to represent the cantilevers and green roofs and the cool color scheme is derived from the sky gardens and open skies. There’s also a visual dialogue between the vertical wood fins of the facade and the line strokes of the symbol. From the logo, to the website, brochure, films, and even construction scrims, the entire project becomes an cohesive brand statement and a successful collaboration between developers, architects, graphic designers, and brand strategists.

Check out more of Manhattan Loft Corporation‘s developments, see more media of the project at Manhattan Loft Gardens and check out the work of Tom Hingston Studio, KeepSOM and visualization experts Hayes Davidson.


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